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Revised CT ARES Region 3 Emergency Operation Plan (simplified)

July 26, 2012 Posted by

The following is posted on our website for immediate use.  Updates to our plan and region handbook will soon follow.

While ARES Alert Level is Zero:

Make sure you have a current email address and contact phone numbers on file, either with your EC or in the database at This web site also has the list of the 41 towns in Region 3 and the EC’s to report to.

Program your radio with the ARES simplex frequencies and repeaters listed on the ICS-205 form available on

If you have the ability to do digital communications, practice receiving bulletins and sending and receiving messages

When an emergency begins:

Check your email and phone for notification of an alert or an ARES activation
Check for an ARES alert at
Check for statewide bulletins on
Flexnet packet
Other digital modes
The linked 2-meter repeater systems – KB1AEV and similar
The HF CT Phone net
If ARES is activated, report on your assigned simplex frequency.
If there is no ARES EC or designated liaison, then first one on the air is Net Control.  Collect this information from checkins:
Call sign
Town you are reporting from
Can you reach an ARES Regional EC or DEC by any means
Pass the information up the chain of command:
Local liaison (designated by an EC, or in the absence of a designee, any ham whose equipment will reach the next level)
ARES-Appointed EC (emergency coordinator for 1 or more towns)
Regional EC (K1CMM, W1VJA, AB1LZ)
Assistant to the DEC (AB1GL and KB1ONM)
DEC (Jonathan Hardy, KB1KIX)

ICS-205 updated

May 17, 2012 Posted by

As discussed during our weekly net, I have uploaded the updated ICS-205.

There may be a minor revision coming soon, awaiting a verification.  This document however is good to go.  There will be a companion document coming soon that will be a simple programming guide.  This list will be used to help keep our EOC radios programmed in a similar fashion

Message handling tips

October 17, 2011 Posted by


This is from Larry Buck, K1HEJ.  He has submitted a form to help with message handling from N7YSS and a “Ten Ws of an Emergency Message” doc for training he worked on and had approved by our Section Manager for use during training.

Keep this handy if you have some questions, feel free to get in touch with Larry (he normally checks in our Monday nets).

N7YSS Radiogram

The Ten Ws of an Emergency Message