Net Control Script

***Sections in bold are spoken portions of the script for easy reading***

Is this frequency in Use?
(Pause) If nothing is heard, State: Nothing heard and continue. Otherwise, release the frequency to the station responding with the comment:
The CT Region 3 ARES Emergency Net will start following current traffic on this frequency.
NOTE: If we haven’t started the net within 5 minutes of the scheduled time, we should attempt to break and announce that we’re moving the net to an alternate frequency.
Calling the CT Region 3 ARES net. Calling the CT Region 3 ARES net. This is (callsign), my name is (first name), and I am net control station for this session of the CT Region 3 Amateur Radio Emergency Service Net. This net meets every Monday evening at 8 PM local time, on the KB1AEV Linked Repeater System. Our purpose is to pass ARES related bulletins and announcements, provide informal training, and encourage all amateurs to participate in emergency communications. This is a directed net. All communications will go through Net Control.  Check-ins are welcome from anyone, anywhere.  If you require direct communication with another net participant, please make a request to Net Control (using the apprpriate break tag “contact” and follow instructions.

Net Control will make a note of the station making the request, who the station needs to reach. Ask the station if they can stick around until after the net and contact the station making the request. Verify with the originating station and then proceed with the net.

When checking into the net give

  • your call sign phonetically
  • your name,
  • your location,
  • a break tag if needed,

and then wait to be recognized. I’ll take several check-ins at a time. If I miss you or have your information wrong, check in again so you are correctly listed in the log. I’ll now take all check-ins Starting with your callsign.
Take several check-ins and then recognize the stations you have heard. Then state:

I‘ll now take additional check-ins for the net. Your call signs please.
(continue to loop through check-in groups until either there are no more check-ins heard or too much time (15 seconds of silence) has lapsed and the net needs to move on. PROCEED WITH THE NET Follow the agenda as found on Always call on Jonathan (DEC Region 3), George (ADEC Region 3 East) and Richard (ADEC Region 3 West) in sequence for reports on their respective areas of responsibility. If one or more have not signed in, state “NAME, (A)DEC for Region3 (West), has not checked into the net tonight, so there will be no (A)DEC report for the (West) team”, and move on to the next step.

***** CLOSING *****

Does anyone have additional business for the net or questions relating to emergency communications, regional information or any upcoming events?

Wait for any possible inquiries. Address the topics as they are presented. If you know the answer, feel free to answer the question. Otherwise, indicate ARES Leadership will research the topic and report back to the group at the net held on the following week if that schedule is appropriate for the topic. It is your responsibility to make sure leadership is aware of the issue.

One of the major roles in emergency communications is that of Net Control. The best way to train for this role is to volunteer to be net control. Spots are available for several upcoming weeks. If you are interested in training as a Net Control operator please contact our Net Manager, Richard Claing, W1RGC at

Thanks to all who participated. Thanks also to Dana; KB1AEV, and the control operators of the KB1AEV Linked Repeater System for the use of this repeater and the links. This concludes tonight’s session of the CT Region 3 ARES Net. We look forward to hearing from you again next week at 8PM local time anywhere on the KB1AEV Linked Repeater System. Please pass the word that this net is here for the good of everyone in our communities. When an emergency is declared, tune to this frequency for activation instructions. More information on this repeater system including repeater locations, frequencies, contact information etc. can be found on the web at This is (call sign) returning the KB1AEV Linked Repeater System to regular Amateur use.