Tuesday Nov. 1 – Silent Key Roll Call on 145.330 repeater

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The Manchester Emcomm Team will be conducting a rare but honorable ham tradition – a special roll call during which the team’s Silent Keys are acknowledged.  The team holds a net every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7 pm.  But on this night an extra procedure will be added to the roll call: the missing members’ call signs are called three times, and when no answer is heard, the call sign is officially marked in the log as a Silent Key. On November 1st, the team will honor Jim Hodges, an active CERT and Emcomm team member who passed away this week at age 72.  At the same roll call,  the team will also acknowledge Fred Richard, Bob Brown, and Tom Doody, all of whom were team members when they became Silent Keys.

Net Control for that night’s net will be WB1GIE, Jim Todd, the original Radio Officer when the Town of Manchester began its emergency communications volunteer program.

As someone who volunteered beside Jim Hodges in the Manchester Emergency Operations Center during many drills and emergencies, I invite any ham who can hear the 145.330 repeater (located on a ridge between Manchester and Glastonbury), to listen to this brief ritual at 7 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 1.  It will be a few minutes out of your day to help preserve and pass on an honored amateur radio tradition.

–submitted by George Lillenstein, AB1GL

Message handling tips

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This is from Larry Buck, K1HEJ.  He has submitted a form to help with message handling from N7YSS and a “Ten Ws of an Emergency Message” doc for training he worked on and had approved by our Section Manager for use during training.

Keep this handy if you have some questions, feel free to get in touch with Larry (he normally checks in our Monday nets).

N7YSS Radiogram

The Ten Ws of an Emergency Message


Simulated Emergency Test “Players Handbook”

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I have also added the handbook SET 2011 Player Handbook.

The following from our SEC:


The 2011 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) for the Connecticut Section is only two weeks away!

Please plan to join us on Saturday, 29 October 2011, at 0900-1500 for this important exercise involving ARES, SKYWARN, and NTS activities.

To be fully prepared, you should download and read the Players Handbook for the SET. It can be found on the CT ARES “Announcements and News” page:


We are looking for maximum participation – please pass the word to your club, friends, etc.

See you on the radio!

73, Wayne N1CLV

CT Section, Section Emergency Test 2011

September 26, 2011 Posted by

Our Section Emergency test will take place at the end of October, not the beginning like many sections.

For those that wish to participate, please plan on the bulk of the activity taking place on October 29th.  All the normal modes (phone, CW, WinLink, Packet, etc) will apply.

We have a few more towns active this time around, as well as possibly “The Hospital of Central CT” (formerly New Britain General).

We will be posting more information here over the coming weeks.

Jonathan, KB1KIX

Region 3 District Emergency Coordinator

New Site

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After major issues with domain management, I decided to get a new domain and go from there.

Unfortunately, that means I will have to rebuild the site and that will take some time.  Comment with the most important information to you, and I’ll try to make that the first data I add.  Right now, I plan to add (first):

  • repeater information
  • leadership information (with emails contact info)
  • Net information (including NCS ops)
  • ICS forms including 205

And go from there.

Of course, if you are organizing a public service event, let me know and I’ll post any information you need here on the site (for your event or information from the Region).



District Emergency Coordinator, CT Region 3 ARES